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CV gegevens

  • Plaats: Den haag
  • Laatste update CV: 11-02-2019
  • Branche: Advies en Consultancy, Administratief en Secretarieel, Transport en Logistiek, Overheid en Nonprofit, Verzekering en Assurantien
  • Werkniveau: MBO
  • Werkervaring: Meer dan 10 jaar ervaring
  • Dienstverband: Vast contract
  • Rijbewijs: Ja
  • Leeftijd: 57 (23-12-1961)
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Gewenste functie

Administratieve Medewerker, Administratieve Manager, Assistant Manager

Persoonlijke motivatie

We moved to South Africa in 1988.

My first job in this new Country was an administrative function. Not very much different from what I was used to in The Netherlands. It gave me a great opportunity to learn a new language, culture and the people.

My first big step in my new career was to go and work as a Sales Representative; this was the best way to earn more money. It was quite a stretch for my personality, as I had previously only had office administration experience and now had I to come out of my comfort zone and communicate with people face to face. This is not something I was naturally comfortable with.

As I have never shied away from a challenge, I saw this as an opportunity to acquire new skill sets, which have proven very beneficial in the long term.
I learned to communicate well with people from all walks of life and on all different levels, from selling a mobile phone to the man in the street, to doing corporate presentations to the directors of Murray and Roberts. I learned to be extremely adaptable to whatever work environment I found myself in and had to be self-motivated, as I was working on a commission basis only, for four years.
This is where I learned to rely on myself and not to buckle under pressure. South Africa is a very tough Country to live in. There is no social welfare system.

I have always been very self disciplined and had a passion for my work, this was acknowledged by Senior Management and I was given the opportunity to become a Sales Manager. The acknowledgement and the additional responsibility motivated me tremendously. Once again my personality was challenged, as I now had to think of The Team and not just of myself. I learned that the best way I can work as a Manager is to roll up my sleeves and get on with it together with the team. As a Manager I lead from the front and always lead by example. I don’t expect my Team Members to do something I can’t do.
I learned that I love to do projects, set up systems, provide progress reports, have strong administrative skills and am systematic, whilst still looking at creative solutions to problems that can arise and am highly adaptable. I pay attention to detail and am determined to succeed, which are skills that served me well over the years.

I am not a person that worries about job titles, what motivates me is the job itself, the task at hand and the people I work with, that is what challenges me. I enjoy responsibility and am highly self-motivated. I can work independently as well as in a group.
I have learned that even though the years of experience in the front line of Sales were invaluable, I prefer to be in the background where the operational business takes place.
I was known for, achieving goals, my creativity, achieving and implementing best practices, improving employee protocols, human resources knowledge, enhancing performances and my great sense of humor at all times.

It was falling victim of a violent crime that I have decided to move back home.
While I have fully recovered from this unfortunate incident, I am very grateful to be back in The Netherlands and am highly motivated for the next career opportunity.

I am available at your convenience and hope to hear from you soon. Thank you for considering my application.
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